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Menhaden (men-hay-den). We get it. It can be hard to pronounce or confusing for some. No. Not “men-hat-ten”. It’s Menhaden. AKA Bunker. Why would a hotel be named after an oily fish used for animal feed and fertilizer? The Menhaden’s name comes from Greenport’s roots as a fishing village. Menhaden, also called bunker fish, are prevalent in waters surrounding Greenport and are a vitally important fishery. Before European settlers arrived, Native Americans used menhaden to fertilize their crops. In the mid-1800s to mid-1900s, industrious Greenport fisherman continued to fish for menhaden to use as lamp oil and fertilizers. Today, fisherman flock to the waters surrounding Greenport for sport fishing for menhaden, bluefish and striped bass, especially for their fall run. We elected to celebrate this often overlooked but critically important fish by naming our hotel after it. After all, menhaden are arguably the most important fish in the sea.
The Menhaden is committed to sustainable and environmentally-conscious tourism. Construction on The Menhaden was completed in 2018, using the latest sustainable building materials, energy efficient appliances and technology available. The site was once home to The Peconic House, one of Long Island’s first hotels. Built in the 1880s, The Peconic House served Greenport’s often colorful, ambitious and industrious visitors and locals alike. After lying fallow for decades, the property has returned to its roots in hospitality with the introduction of The Menhaden, a 16-room, well-appointed boutique hotel. It features the North Fork’s only roofdeck for bird’s eye views of Greenport Harbor and Shelter Island. Excavation of The Menhaden’s foundation produced a trove of historic bricks, bottles and horseshoes—even the mast from one of Greenport’s storied whaling ships. When you visit, you’ll see some of the artifacts displayed throughout the hotel.

We look forward to your stay.

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